Why Shop Second Hand?


1. It's fun!

There is seriously no better way to spend an afternoon - by yourself, with your friends, with your mom - its therapeutic.

2. Reduces waste

People often feel good about donating their clothes - but the harsh reality is most of it   the U.S. alone sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year.

3. it combats fast-fashion

If we know (and we do) that the clothes we are purchasing our contributing to systems of injustice and environmental degradation - lets not shop there anymore. Let's vote with our dollars for a more sustainable world.

4. It's cheap!

Why spend so much money on things we will only wear a few times before we throw out. This also allows us to spend our money on other things (vegan handbags... organic groceries... lattes with milk alternatives).

5. It's a creative outlet

Learning how to re-work old pieces - hem it, cut it, layer it, distress it - its a fun DIY project that you'll actually use! And nothing is better than getting complemented on an item that you spent $3 on and then re-purposed!